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Planning-inc is the leading first-party data solutions provider. We provide best-in-breed technology alongside marketing expertise to help brands exceed their customer retention and growth goals.

Unilyze is the Customer Data Platform (CDP) from Planning-inc, engineered to offer businesses a new way to connect, analyse and activate their data. With real-time 360-degree customer views and unrestricted access for marketers and analysts, Unilyze is fully composable and individualised for every business, ensuring optimised tech stack integration and seamless delivery.

The solution covers:

Analytics and Insight
Marketing Automation Solutions
Personalised Customer Messaging
Loyalty Programs
Other Retention/Engagement Solutions
Customer Data/Single View
Omnichannel solutions
Customer Journey, Cross-Channel
Personalised Recommendations
Post-Purchase Comms Solutions
Customer Data Platform
Data Cleansing and Enrichment
Single View of the Customer
Cross-Channel Data Aggregator
Internal Planning Tools

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Spotlight on:

Crew Clothing have announced the onboarding of Unilyze. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) will bring together the brands’ first-party data including in-store and online interactions, web behaviour, product reviews, email, footfall and customer service in addition to behavioural, attitudinal, and demographic data, enabling the retailer to provide more sophisticated and targeted customer communications and understand their business impact.

This integration comes as Crew Clothing aims to accompany its growth plans for 2022 with a retail-focused solution that can provide more insights on first-party data than a typical CDP whilst providing consistency and visibility across marketing, merchandising, and product.

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Would you like to learn more – from one of our members, The Retail Hive team, or the solution provider themselves?