eShopWorld is the world’s leading cross-border ecommerce solution provider.  Partner to many of the world’s best-loved brands, ESW accelerates their cross-border revenue growth through a blend of innovative technology, human ingenuity and global infrastructure that brings brands and shoppers closer together.

From online storefront and payments to shipping and returns, ESW makes it easy, safe and fast for global shoppers to buy from their favourite brands through locally optimised shopping experiences. With relentless focus on the complete customer journey, we help our clients deploy exceptional customer experiences and grow faster in more than 200 markets worldwide.

ESW’s solutions provide: brand protection, speed to market, customer acquisition, site localisation, pricing management, duty and taxes calculation, currency conversion, checkout, order-payment processing, customs clearance, logistics, returns management and customer service.

Over the last 12 months, ESW has transacted and shipped almost 2m orders cross-border into the EU common market area on behalf of our global clients. No other provider has our depth of experience in trading with the EU as a cross-border market. We are Brexit-ready, so talk to our team of experts to ensure your brand’s seamless transition and future success in EU trading.

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eShopWorld hosted a recent discussion on Challenges of Building Scale in International Markets and below are the top three recommendations from the group:

Brand awareness is key – Before launching internationally, spend time assessing the strength of your brand in different countries – from here you can choose where to focus your strategy and have confidence in the opportunity and size of new markets.
No surprises on the customer journey – When setting up international sites, make sure that the customer journey is smooth and seamless. Ensure transparency in pricing with no hidden charges at the check out.
Have the right setup in place to meet demands – Think about putting local DCs in place to enable timely fulfilment of orders.

The solution covers:

Analytics and Insight
Search, SEO other Paid Acquisition
Customer Service/Helpdesk Solutions
Customer Data/Single View
Customer Journey. Cross-Channel
Carrier Management Solutions
Cross Border
Click & Collect
Final Mile Delivery
Packaging & Labels
eCommerce Platform
Payments Gateway
Payment Acquirer
International Payments Gateway
International Cross Border Fulfilment

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Spotlight on:

In 2019, LK Bennett took the decision to restructure its business and distribution presence. The new strategy would see all markets being served by the UK webstore using a cross-border model.
LK Bennett required a very swift turnaround time to implement a cross-border solution – just 10 weeks. The company needed a partner that could deliver a complete solution including pricing, checkout, localization, duty and tax calculation, delivery and returns. The US market was the first priority, followed by, a second wave of 27 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland. Wave 3 is set to include Canada, Australia, Middle East, Mexico and Russia.
With experience in over 200 markets, eShopWorld put together a ‘go-live’ plan that would deliver LK Bennett’s US cross-border solution in just 8 weeks. The plan considered the entire cross-border eCommerce value chain, localizing the experience for shoppers across multiple touchpoints such as checkout, payments, fraud, logistics and returns.

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Would you like to learn more – from one of our members, The Retail Hive team, or the solution provider themselves?