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The Insider Growth Management Platform unifies customers’ experience across all touch points, so brands can engage with customers across the whole funnel, from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue.

Deliver personalised journeys that convert across your ecommerce website, mobile website, apps, messaging channels and ad channels, transforming those important metrics: customer acquisition cost, conversion rate, average order value & lifetime value. With a powerful AI engine, marketers can segment and predict customer intent at scale.

Recognised by Gartner, ranked G2 Mobile Marketing Leader for 3 years and trusted by over 600 businesses including UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, Decathlon, Estée Lauder and Philips.

The solution covers:

Email Marketing
Marketing Automation Solutions
Mobile Apps
Onsite Community Solutions
Customer Data/Single View
Omnichannel Solutions
Customer Journey, Cross channel
Personalised Recommendations
Post-Purchase Comms Solutions
Single View of the Customer
Content Delivery Platform

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At Avon they strive to give their representatives cutting edge user experiences so in a competitive market they can retain online shoppers. To do this they implemented the Insider AI smart recommender and it saw their average order value increase by 11% and click through rates by 13%
The AI smart recommender allowed them to deliver highly contextualised product recommendations in real time. Using various features they have been able to target a wide range of segments to show relevant products on the cart page to encourage people to buy more. It was easy with Insider to incorporate AI and machine learning by platforms into the mix and they were able to give a better experience on all channels with no extra IT needed.

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Would you like to learn more – from one of our members, The Retail Hive team, or the solution provider themselves?