Podium is a communications platform that uses the simple power of texting to empower large businesses with a local presence to meet their customers on the channels they prefer. By leveraging messaging channels like SMS, Apple & Google Business Chat, Facebook Messenger and others, Podium helps retailers remove friction throughout the entire customer journey. Through these messaging channels, Podium helps retailers improve their online reputation, convert website traffic, collect payments, gather opt-ins and send promotions, and collect customer feedback.

This solution covers:

Personalised Customer Messaging
Marketing Automation Solutions
Search, SEO, other Paid Acquisition
Social Media Tools and Aggregators
Video Content
Customer Service/Helpdesk Solutions
Loyalty Programs
Live chat/Chatbots
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Mobile Apps
Onsite Community Solutions
Other Retention/Engagement Solutions
Omnichannel Solutions
Customer Journey, Cross-Channel
Personalised Recommendations
Post-Purchase Comms Solutions
Customer Data Platform
Cross-Channel Data Aggregator
Internal Planning Tools
Mobile Platform/Apps
Payments Gateway
Payment Acquirer

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